Friday, June 29, 2007

"Our strength is the rule of law."

Tie:: It's almost like he knows I like this with stripes.
Segue:: "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley.
Days Since Mission Accomplished:: 1,521
Worst Person: Satan's sweetheart, Ann Coulter, not really for what she said but the, uh, Rovian ratings math she used and the laughable suggestion that she'll pass up the chance to whip out the little black dress and make demon eyes at Chris Matthews again. Uh, media whore says "What?"(Oh, if that doesn't work, you could always get leather pants and rag on ESPN...I hear one of their guys is *really* into that.)

Lots and lots of news tonight...that'll teach me to fall behind on my recaps.But I'm hanging in here on Friday night to give you my best one-fingered summary.

5.Democrats in both the Senate and the House write anti-war legislation to shift our presence in Iraq to a non-combat role within short-term deadlines. Speaker Pelosi says they have "the support of the American people," so demonization won't hold them back this time. While I'm one of the "disaffected base" who may be won back by a show of Dem force, Jonathan Alter and this piece in the Washington Post point out just how much President Bush's fortunes have changed.

5b. Lieutenant Commander Richard Swift joins Keith to discuss the recent court decision requiring court trials for Guantanamo detainees.

4. Larry Johnson and Keith discuss the successful foiling of a rather inept "yuppie terrorist" bomb plot in London and why so many media outlets and government agencies prefer to constantly exist at "Threat Level Midnight" rather than report the whole story(an EMS worker spotted and reported a smoking...-literally- silver Mercedes.)

4b. Excellent expose, from a media standpoint, at least, on why Rupert Murdoch is even more dangerous than this guy. Although I think if Keith takes him on, his typing hand is safe(thinks) Um. Well, we know he's not your father, Mr. Olbermann. Be careful if he asks you to Cloud City...promise?(This metaphor doesn't're too smartmouthed...and, yeah, I'm gonna say it, hot, to be anybody but Han Solo. We love you. And you know it.

Oddball: Happy Birthday, Richard Lewis! That scene in Anything But Love where he convinces Jamie Lee Curtis to do stupid things at the Passover seder is still one of the funniest moments of TV I've ever seen. Seriously. It's got to be about fifteen years old and I still laugh when I think about it. Great thanks, sir.

3. People are waiting on their IPhones, including the mayor of Philadelphia. I don't get it (as if my broken links make that a big surprise.) Personally, I think if getting the same joke twenty-seven times or looking at photos of wet celebrities from the privacy of our homes was good enough for those who came before us, it's good enough for me. And nobody is gonna give me $600 to break links from an unspecified location. Are you?

2. Keeping Tabs:
Over the holidays, when I'm thinking I come from the nuttiest white folks in the world, I will,for once, have a positive thought for Britney Spears.Putting a restraining order on your mom is pretty schadenfreude-i-riffic, and not as whiny and gynecological as the junk that Paris Hilton does.

1.I literally did not understand the number one story this evening, and I'm not translating from the Kossack here, as in "I don't understand how Keith can write those beautiful Comments and then do all that fluffy cr--uh, stuff. People are dying! " No, I literally mean "Huh?!" There were pictures of puppies, Giuliani, Romney, a setter in a box, and Mo Rocca's frantic patter, but something important failed to land, humor-wise.
That's the way it was.(Aw, Dailykos, I tease because I love, right?)

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