Monday, July 2, 2007

The Big Tease Big Show

For the amount of time Dan Patrick spent teasing tomorrow's "big announcement", he might as well have been standing on a stage swinging his tie around. Still, he has given out very little concrete details other than:

1. It will change his life, but not necessarily the listeners (the fact that this is fairly impossible for me makes it clear that my life is way too intertwined with The Big Show lately).

2. It affects Keith too, but not as much.

3. It probably is a positive thing from DP's perspective. He would not be pimping his firing, now would he?

4. He is most likely turning down the Price is Right offer to audition, so he won't be coming on down. His mother is not pleased.

5. Keith mentioned the Friday Big Show recap here at ERT. Dan asked what the blogs were saying about his big announcement, and KO cited what Gilbert said. And no, I do not own a single tin foil hat. Keith then went on to squash Gilbert's idea of a Big Show TV time when they are together. Too bad, I would have liked that.

6. More clues on Countdown tonight with Inspector Olbermann.

Does Barry Bonds belong in the All-Star game? KO says no, as he is having a bad year. Furthermore, all the other fan voted-in outfielders are wrong too. Keith says that while the game was "designed as the fans' game", the fans need more guidance. Keith actually seems to want the whole All-Star Game thing to go away, or at least the fan voting. Maybe if they gave him a Hall of Fame vote he would leave this one alone?

If KO had to call the Barry Bonds' home run record breaking moment he would use the base running victory lap to do a sponsorship message for a doctor's office.

Alex Rodreiguez's wife has poor choice in ballpark wear. Especially if you are sitting behind her. On the other hand, if you are from Patterson, NJ or Long Island, NY, Keith understands.

Dan wants to know the difference between The NY Post's front page coverage of Mrs. A-Rod's shirt vs the Daily News' non-coverage. KO suggets the size of the Altlantic Ocean.

Dan wonders why the media critics at the Post don't complain about their own paper like people at ESPN critize the mothership. KO suggests that ESPN's competion is weak and therefore critisism causes little harm. He likens it to "throwing your gum at the side of a battleship". He comes at this as quite a gum thrower himself.

Tune in tonight for Coundown, where Keith will provide more hints, show us someone else named Olbermann, and recap the Princess Di concert without actually having seen it (that should be interesting).

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