Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday Open Thread

On this day in 2002 three diners who had ordered the wild striped bass at Britney Spears newly opened restaurant, Nyla, suffered food poisoning. And five years later, Brit still can't catch a break.

Tucked away in the comments for Monday's Big Show recap (a post read by hundreds of people using The Google to find "dan patrick big announcement" - seems everyone is curious!) is a tip from the original Big Show recapper Maureen. Video of Keith's SportsCenter farewell is up on the Dan Patrick Show website. Awww!

And finally, an administrative note. This entire week was supposed to be summer vacation for ERT, but we couldn't very well not be around for Dan's big announcement or Keith's special comment. But after tonight's Countdown recap, we're taking off the rest of the week. Not only will we not be posting, comments will be disabled. When we say vacation, we mean vacation. We'll be back on Monday, July 9 with a big annoucement of our own!

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