Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Dan Patrick is a terrible man.

Ok! Bob Valvano, filling in for Dan, just said we'd find out what Dan's announcement was "sometime later this week."

We hope all is well with Dan, and think perhaps, at this point, that The Announcement is about just how very much he likes being a Story Tease.

ETA: Ok! New plan. We here at ERT will still technically be going on vacation post-Countdown tonight. However, I'm going to stick around until The Announcement (whenever it happens), to pass along the news. So, check back, and we'll have it for you as soon as we hear.

Edited 4:15pm by Becky: In the course of the afternoon I've read no fewer than six different sports blogs say that their "sources" say Dan Patrick's announcement is that he is leaving The Worldwide Leader, some going as far as to say he's shopping his own syndicated radio show. All rumors, remember, so take with liberal amounts of salt.

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